Main Track


The main track at MX-126 has undergone massive improvements in the past few months.  

We have tripled our spending on track prep equipment. This allows us to perform a complete track resurfacing before every ride day and ensures perfect loam every time. 

We have worked on the track preparation proceedures extensively. This allows us to provide consistent track surface and the best possible condidtions day in and day out.

We are widening all of the main lines. This provides lines for every level of rider and makes passing throughout the track very easy even on the most crowded of days.

To get an even better idea of what the track is like, check out Broc Shoemaker and Colin Morrison shredding at MX-126


What riders are saying about MX-126

Track was great 2day guys & I didn't even get there until 3 pm still on point @pirumotocross thank you.


You guys have really stepped up Piru, thank you!


Track is awesome! Thanks guys. ##leant


Had so much fun today. Great track guys.


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